from one direction rushed down, affirmation also won't have a savage's survival. Drum courage to ask for two local stranger: "this is ahead lodging place?" . A finish will regret it, I meant to want to know a formal prosperity of the town a little distance, each other unified replied: "no, only to the wood county, you, a person?" . I make a belated thank look head also don't walk back, for fear that the surprise of attitude can also ruin my day thus wasting my energy.The wood? I inquires before departure accommodation point is a call kernel cloth place, don't pay attention to the wood this place. And climb over twenty kilometers, if see, wood and related news, the wood Tibetan incense? Wow, I usually buy Tibetan incense is produced here. After listening to the passers-by tips, began to seriously looking for places to stay, thought can run to kernel cloth, but locals say will ride about sixty kilometers before to, already is at five o 'clock in the afternoon